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Ocean View Estates is home to Ocean View Brewing Company proudly brewing craft beers that even the girls will love made by one of Australia’s only female head brewers.


French Kiss

Yum, Yum, Yum!! This is our version of a smooth, rich, delicious, decadent, slow, romantic kiss with a...wait, we are talking about the beer, sorry I got distracted...where were we? Oh yes, it’s a chocolate porter. To compliment the dark roasted malt and smooth chocolate flavour, the beer has been fermented on premium French oak, resulting in delicate vanilla characters and a subtle toastiness which shines through at the end. This is one to sip slowly and savour.


She's Gone Pale

Who doesn’t like a good pale ale? Ours is citrusy, a little floral and not too bitter. By primarily dry hopping with a combination of 5 different aromatic hop varieties from around the world, we have created a balanced and rounded flavour profile that we are sure won’t disappoint. Great all year round, ‘She’s Gone Pale’ promises to bring the colour back to your cheeks and a smile to your face.


My Bouquet

A beautifully delicate, gluten free hibiscus saison. Rose & 100% Australian hibiscus flowers have been added into the ferment, giving it a deep pink colour, pale pink head & a refreshing floral sourness. Made with sorghum rather than barley malt ‘My Bouquet’ is totally gluten free. It is light and fruity with very little bitterness making it a beer for non-beer drinkers and beer buffs alike.


Wattle We Do

A Nut-Brown Scottish Ale fermented with roasted wattle seeds. Slow fermentation at cold temperatures has produced a clean-tasting ale with a full mouth-feel. Malt-driven with minimal hop aromas or bitterness and a lingering nutty coffee flavour from the wattle seed. Indigenous Australian's have been using wattle seeds for hundreds of years as medicine, food and simply because it tastes great! The rest of us are just cottoning on.

Ginger Junkie

For all you Ginger Junkies, this is a punch-in-the-face, full-on ginger hit. Not too sweet and made with tonnes of fresh ginger. Warm, yet surprisingly refreshing with a hint of acidity and lightly hopped for depth of flavour.

Spice It Up

I could describe this beer in a verbose and loquacious way (google if you don't know what those words mean, i used a thesaurus to sound smart).... but basically it just tastes awesome. Sweet spice and all things nice thrown into a delicious schwarzbier.


Hannah Honnef - Head Brewer

Ocean View Estates was established in 1998. After 18 years of growing grapes and making wine, 2016 was the year for craft beer! Since the age of 4, Head Brewer, Hannah Honnef helped her dad in the vineyard and the winery and has a deep-seated love for food and wine. However, after 7 months traveling in Europe and exploring her German heritage, Hannah’s passion for craft beer, was ignited. Armed with her knowledge of winemaking, creativity and a woman’s touch, Hannah has started small-batch brewing beers at Ocean View Estates while she waits (impatiently) for the brewery to be set up alongside the winery and fully operational, developing styles and recipes which are both unique and alluring. As one of Australia’s few female head brewers, Hannah is passionate about creating beers that taste great and appeal to beer buffs and non-beer drinkers alike, particularly the girls!

Beer tasting available in the restaurant, cellar door or part of our Vine & Bine experience.


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