Cured salmon returns to restaurant table

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If you are after a really cool dish, exciting and modern then the Yuzu cured salmon dish has been made just for you.

Head chef Tony Tierney said the cured salmon dish was one of his favourites and it features in the current menu.

“We are using some of the best ingredients that high-end restaurants in Brisbane and overseas are using,” Tony said.

“We are pleased to be able to use a fairly new product which is the wild scampi caviar. It is a beautiful blue colour and believe it or not, it tastes like roast chicken.”

Tony said it was really good to be using those types of ingredients in the kitchen as it kept the restaurant up to date with the restaurants in Brisbane.

Tony has always had cured salmon on the menu and said he liked Japanese style techniques.

“I used to work at Tank where the cuisine is influenced by the flavours of Japan,” Tony said.

“Grapes work well with the dish and are a link to the winery. The garnishes for this dish are sourced locally from Blue Dog Farm.

“I really like this dish as the avocados are in season. You have to make sure all your ingredients are in season to have a top quality dish.”

Tony suggested if home cooks wanted to make a good dish then they needed to make sure their ingredients were in season.

“You can go to your local markets for really fresh produce,” Tony said.

“A lot of the farms out in the Lockyer Valley have gate stalls where you can pick up really great ingredients.

“Broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, potatoes, pumpkins, lettuces and cabbages are all in season and make for great ingredients in any dish.”

But to have quality, fresh ingredients at your fingertips you can’t go past growing your own.

“Having a veggie garden is the best thing you can have,” Tony said.

“Being able to walk outside and pick it fresh from the ground is so satisfying and something the whole family can do.”

If you would like to try the cured salmon dish then call 3425 3900 to make your booking or click here to book online.

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