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Asking a parent to pick their favourite child is like asking a chef to pick his favourite dish so when it came time for Head Chef Tony Tierney to pick his favourite from his Autumn/Winter menu the answer was something like this…

“I really like the Duck Breast dish - smoked in French oak wood chips then char grilled on open flames, or the gnocchi with the burnt butter and sage but then there is the Black Onyx tri tip,” Tony said with a grin.

Then with a shrug of his shoulders… “Ahhh I really can’t choose - I like them all!”

The Duck Breast dish is something of a marvel and was the pick of the menu for Chef Sam Hathway.

Sam has been with the team for about four months and is usually the one who cooks the duck breast.

“I really like this dish,” Sam said.

“The flavours work really well together and it is definitely one of my favourites.”

Being a chef is no easy gig and every service is a challenge.

“Every day is different and you are constantly learning,” Tony said.

“You could have a busy night when all of the covers come in at the same time and you have to make sure they go out on time, or someone could come in with dietary requirements.

“If you lose focus it could all go pear shaped, that’s why it makes it easier when you have a good team.”

Chef Dylan Clarke has been with the team for several years and his pick of the Autumn/Winter menu was Honey roasted baby carrots dish.

“All of the flavours just work well together,” Dylan said.

Dylan may like the carrot dish but the desserts are what he concentrates on in the kitchen.

“I’m definitely not a pastry chef but I do enjoy working on the desserts. They are usually the last meal of the night, so you want them to stand out.”

Maddy Schuller is also part of the team but was on leave at the time of this blog so we will introduce her to you as soon as she is back.

Behind the closed door of the kitchen is a great team of chefs that work like a well oiled machine to give their customers a fantastic dinning experience every time.

If you would like to try the Duck Breast dish then call 3425 3900 to make your booking or click here to book online.

PS: Tony, Dylan, Sam and Maddy really like to hear your feedback so next time your in, let them know about how much you enjoyed the meal.

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