Restaurant crew harvest own potatoes for dish

Ocean View Estates


Pulling potatoes out of the dirt at Lockyer Valley farm is how Head Chief Tony Tierney started his prep for this season’s favourite gnocchi and burnt butter dish.

“The Lockyer Valley will always be close to my heart as that is where I grew up,” Tony said.

“A couple of months ago we were all out at one of our supplier’s farms digging up the potatoes. It’s really important to know where your produce is coming from and keeping in touch with the suppliers.”

Tony roasts the potatoes on sea salt then combines them with flour and eggs.

“You have to make sure you get the dough right,” Tony said.

“You then blanch the gnocchi in salt water and be careful not to over cook them. Then when we have an order we pan fry them to order with the sage burnt butter and add the herbs and the pecorino.

“It’s simplicity at its best. Simple but delicious.”

This is the philosophy behind a lot of Tony’s dishes. He wants customers to be blown away when they eat their meal and wants them to be talking about it afterwards.

“I always want to offer our customers something special that they can’t do at home. That is all part of the dining experience.”

Ocean View Estates Restaurant launched the winter/spring menu towards the end of May and the feedback has been outstanding.

But it takes a lot of time to perfect the menu and Tony started his planning back in March.

“It’s really important you have enough time to trial the dishes and make sure they balance out,” Tony said.

“You would be putting yourself under a lot of pressure if you only had a day to put something together.”

Tony’s inspiration comes from all areas but mostly he is inspired by what quality produce is in season.

“I have a notebook that I constantly use to write ideas,” Tony said.

“I list what cuts of meat are popular, what veggies are in season.”

When the menu was near being finalised, Tony, his chefs and Kate sat down and tried it out, to see if any adjustments were needed. About a week leading up to the launch everyone had an opportunity to try the meals.

“I don’t want to be creating mediocre meals,” Tony said.

“I want my food to be simple, I don’t want to be using 45 different elements so the customers are confused.

“I want them to be blown away, to go home feeling satisfied and to tell their friends.”

If you would like to try the Gnocchi dish then call 3425 3900 to make your booking or click here to book online.

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